I am pleased to announce that after years of reccommending Nexen, we're now your local Nexen Tyre dealer.

Nexen is a mid range quality tyre at near budget price, offering great value for money. Available in a comprehensive range of patterns and sizes with manufacturers backed accidental damage warranty too. Designed to be light weight and robust providing greater fuel economy. Tread patterns are sculpted to provide excellent stability at all speeds and to suit UK weather conditions.

Here is a tyre test from Auto Express from September 2012 - although an old test and of only eight manufacturers it showed the start of things to come. Nexen came 3rd and was nearly half the price of the other podium winners. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/60111/tyre-test-2012.

German car magazine Auto Bild also done a tyre test in March 2015 of 53 makes, Nexen came 4th (highly recommended) which is no mean feat when they're still priced only slightly above budgets. http://www.automotivepurchasing.com/news/6450/57/Nexen-Tire-receives-Very-Recommendable-rating-from-Auto-Bild-test/.

ACE Lenkrad Test which done a review of 10 brands in Febuary 2016, http://www.tyrepress.com/2016/02/nexen-tyres-1-in-ace-lenkrad-test/ to which the Nexen came first. The worst performer (GT Radial) took a further 15.4 meters and the car was still doing 31mph in wet braking test when the 1st place Nexen had come to a complete halt - inpressive stuff.

Also during this time Nexen have become a original fit on various types of vehicles from various manufacturers including VW. Kia, Hyundai, Renault, Nissan and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Now they also come with:


Accidental damage warranty.

No hassle, lifetime guarantee.

This is how it works. This guarantee is valid for the lifetime of the tyre provided there is a minimum tread depth of 2mm remaining around the entire circumference of the tyre equal to three quarters of the tread width. Work will only be carried out upon production of the original receipt.

Note warranty only applies to car tyres. Unfortunatly van & 4x4 tyres are not included.

Tyres with a suspected manufacturing fault or tyres irreparably damaged will be replaced at the following rates:

8mm tread and above - 100% allowance

Below 8mm - above 6mm - 75% allowance

Below 6mm - above 4mm - 50% allowance

Below 4mm - above 2mm - 25% allowance

Below 2mm - No allowance.

Please do call with your requirements on 01243 641986.

Hopefully this will shed some light on why I like Nexens so much, have recommended them for years and fit them on all of my own vehicles when the need for replacement arises.